Military Outreach

Welcome to Nixon Elementary School –Coyote Country.  My name is Annette Corsaw and I am the military liaison for Nixon Elementary. My goal is to make your time here at Nixon as easy and comfortable as possible.  Every month there will be Parent Workshops with lots of helpful information for you and your family.  This will also be a time where you can connect with other military and civilian parents.  If your spouse is deployed anytime during the school year please let me know so that I can be a support to you and yourfamily.  We would like to encourage you to volunteer here at Nixon Elementary for this will be a great opportunity to get to know the wonderful faculty and staff. Please feel free to stop by the Liaison's office or call at 849-5700 anytime from 7:30 am – 4:00 pm.  Thank you for serving our Country and for the sacrifice you and your family have made.  We look forward to meeting you. 



Quotes for Military Families:

We will always remember.                                         Missingsomeone gets easier

We will always be proud.                                           everydaybecause even though

We will always be prepared, so we                             it’s one day further from the last

Will always be free.                                                    lasttime you saw each other, it’s

                  Ronald Reagan                                         one daycloser to the next time

                                                                                    youwill. – Author Unknown


Ask not what your                                                      Whenyou joined the military, you

country can do for you,                                              joinedthe largest family in the

ask what you can do for                                             country. 

your country.                                                               .

                  JohnF. Kennedy